KXF 250 Problems

Weeeeelll, I have not posted for a while as I have been busy with my photography. Over Easter weekend I rebuilt a KXF 250 and had a problem that puzzled me. Check this out, I posted the story on this forum



Yee Haa fixed!

Yee Haa fixed!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

O.K. I took a whole series of photos whilst being driven somewhere in Darwin City. I basically hung my camera out of the window on long exposure and waved it crazily around. The result, as can be seen here, is a dreamy cacophony of neon and street light colour.

I think the images are quite dreamlike, I am not sure if you have similar dreams or maybe I am mad, but sometimes I find myself in such dream world mind-scapes. Sometimes I float around, happily travelling from some memorable place to another, other-times it can seem nightmarish or threatening, something to flee from in desperation. I hope these art works evoke some imaginative thoughts, maybe tonight these moods may swoon you into a sleep mode rapid eye experience that will awaken you breathless. 

http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/dreamy/3Y9A3164 web 3Y9A3173 web 3Y9A3174 web 3Y9A3183 web 3Y9A3184 web 3Y9A3186 web 3Y9A3204 web 3Y9A3208 web 3Y9A3212 web 3Y9A3215 web 3Y9A3216 web

Motocross berm action shot

Here is my favourite photo from last weekend. I wish it was a bit sharper but that is the pay off to capturing the motion. I love the roost trailing back around to the start of the berm railing action and the wave flowing over to the right.  Worth standing out in the tropical hot sun for.

_Y9A7077 Berm wave

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nightime

Here Is my weekly photo challenge entry. This is the Northern Territory Government House illuminated at night. The coat of arms above the main doorway is a Stainless Steel Sculpture which I worked on the fabrication of and installed in the doorway. The commissioned artist was Geoff Todd. 

http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/nighttime/_Y9A6756_Parliament Night Shot 3

TEMCC Club Championships Round 2 Part 3

Ha ha I didn’t realise I took so many, one of this batch is a fantastic shot which I will post full resolution later. All these shots were captured with a Canon 5DMkIII with a Tamaron 70-200 2.8 Lens. Usually I shoot Moto Cross with the camera set on shutter priority using 125th to 200th of a second shutter speed, that way I get some motion blur of wheels spinning. Although some blur of the rider is often visible, I like this slight blurring compared to a sharp motionless image that a faster shutter speed will produce. I like to also use a circular polarising filter. which cuts the goggle reflection down to make the eyes visible.

_Y9A7026 _Y9A7027 _Y9A7028 _Y9A7029 _Y9A7030 _Y9A7031 _Y9A7032 _Y9A7033 _Y9A7034 _Y9A7035 _Y9A7037 _Y9A7038 _Y9A7040 _Y9A7041 _Y9A7042 _Y9A7043 _Y9A7044 _Y9A7045 _Y9A7046 _Y9A7047 _Y9A7048 _Y9A7050 _Y9A7052 _Y9A7053 _Y9A7054 _Y9A7055 _Y9A7056 _Y9A7057 _Y9A7058 (2) _Y9A7059 _Y9A7060 _Y9A7061 _Y9A7062 _Y9A7063 _Y9A7064 _Y9A7065 _Y9A7066 _Y9A7068 _Y9A7069 _Y9A7070 _Y9A7072 _Y9A7073 _Y9A7075 _Y9A7076 _Y9A7077 _Y9A7078 _Y9A7079 _Y9A7080 _Y9A7081 _Y9A7082 _Y9A7083 _Y9A7084 _Y9A7085 _Y9A7086 _Y9A7087 _Y9A7089 _Y9A7090 _Y9A7091 _Y9A7092 _Y9A7093 _Y9A7094 _Y9A7095 _Y9A7096 _Y9A7097 _Y9A7098 _Y9A7099 _Y9A7100 _Y9A7101 _Y9A7102 _Y9A7103 _Y9A7104 _Y9A7105 _Y9A7106 _Y9A7107 _Y9A7108 _Y9A7109 _Y9A7110 _Y9A7111 _Y9A7112 _Y9A7113

TEMCC Club Championships Round 2 Part 1

Here are some of the shots I captured on Sunday (More to follow). These are not full resolution as I downsized the files for faster uploading. There are a few “action Blur” shots which I have kept as I like the arty look of them. I enjoy the action photography that this sport provides. Each shot records a vision that only occurs for that split second. I do not offer photo’s for sale but I am happy to provide a full resolution image file if you ask and provide a memory stick or SD card. Oh did I mention I like beer! You cam message me on Face Book



I have actually recently acquired a large format printer so when set up, I may offer prints but I would need to recoup cost of inks and paper. Anyway Enjoy!! _Y9A6791 _Y9A6795 _Y9A6796 _Y9A6799 _Y9A6800 _Y9A6801 _Y9A6804 _Y9A6805 _Y9A6806 _Y9A6807 _Y9A6809 _Y9A6810 _Y9A6811 _Y9A6812 _Y9A6815 _Y9A6816 _Y9A6817 _Y9A6818 _Y9A6820 _Y9A6821 _Y9A6824 _Y9A6825 _Y9A6827 _Y9A6828 _Y9A6830 _Y9A6831 _Y9A6832 _Y9A6834 _Y9A6835 _Y9A6836 _Y9A6837 _Y9A6838 _Y9A6839 _Y9A6840 _Y9A6841 _Y9A6842 _Y9A6843 _Y9A6844 _Y9A6849 _Y9A6855 _Y9A6856 _Y9A6857 _Y9A6859 _Y9A6860 _Y9A6861 _Y9A6862 _Y9A6863 _Y9A6864 _Y9A6865 _Y9A6866 _Y9A6867 _Y9A6868 _Y9A6870