Motorbikes have always featured in my life. As a kid in 1960’s England when almost every weekend my senses were pounded by the “scramble” of crisp engine barks, the smell of Castro R mashed with that freshly churned up grassy paddock, the bustle of the pits building tension and urgency, the need to get a good start position. The rain, the mud, broken levers, taped up boots and goggle wiped handkerchiefs. Banbury, Ringwood and Farleigh Castle they were the tracks, Scramble tracks. Every road trip, as a kid, meant my face was pressed against the dank car window searching the passing fields for the tell tale signs of scarred lines on the hillside. My first bike a Honda 90, we spent more time fixing than riding. Riding my brothers AJS Stormer, they had to start it for me, owning my OSSA trials bike and competing most weekends in club trials. From my first entry in the Kamfari on an old KX250 to commuting 150Kms a day aboard a Suzuki Katana 1100 rocketship. Its a thing that gets yer hooked. Don’t ask for an explanation. 

Crazy people ride bikes, madder fools race them, don’t just expect Moto topics here, look out for ramblings from my mind and photo’s. Oh yes photography has reinvigorated itself in me as a passion since I purchased a DSLR two years ago, my previous camera a Zenit EM in the late 70’s. This blog has evolved, but the Moto topic predominates.


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KXF 250 Problems

Weeeeelll, I have not posted for a while as I have been busy with my photography. Over Easter weekend I rebuilt a KXF 250 and had a problem that puzzled me. Check this out, I posted the story on this forum



Yee Haa fixed!

Yee Haa fixed!

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