Bike Set-Up

Off road Motorcycle levers set up

Here is a lever set up I tried last week and found it to be very good.

If you have suffered many a broken lever when you fall this is good tip. Also, I found it helps reduce my arm pump and gives good feel of the controls, especially the front brake, and that is always a good thing! I have been to a few riding schools and read numerous set up articles and I find many instructors talk of setting the lever so that the crook of the lever is in line with the index finger when taking a normal grip of the handlebars. (see photo below)

Lever set up with crook of lever

Now this is good if you have short fingers and seems the logical place to pull the lever from. However, with my big hands I find the ball end of the lever hits my other fingers and to really haul the brake (Panic Attack) means I have to place all fingers on the lever. Not good for throttle/bike control.

OK then consider this set up.

Index finger set up

This set up places the lever well away from crash harm. It allows better fine control of the front brake as you are pulling from the tip end of the lever and thus have more leverage. Another plus is that the lever does not pull up against the other fingers. When I tried this it was like wow! “What a difference”. I especially love the finer feel you can employ with braking, like when feathering the front brake to enter a rut. Note you will need to adjust the lever distance from the bars in a bit with the small dome head bolt, especially if you have short fingers. Any way try it for yourself.

Clutch set up

I set up my Clutch lever for two finger grip as my old Yamaha has a heavy clutch no matter how much I oil the cable. But now, I must admit, using the very end of the lever has made it way easier to pull. You can see how far the lever is in from the end of the bars. Surely I cant break them Now? Note you will need to adjust the clutch cable free-play a bit to bring lever into reach.


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