Tales from the Trail

How to get home with a busted water pump!

I recently tagged along with a bunch of local misfits for a trail ride. We ranged from 20 yrs old to 50+, our motorcycles covered a similar age range! It was hot and sticky, Australia’s Northern Territory in the middle of the wet season. The flood plains were aflood and the forest was steamy.

Trail Riders

The Trail Riders 

The trail was mainly 4WD tracks with a few swollen creek crossings and plenty of swamp like floodplains; we all quickly acquired the same appearance: “Black Soil” and smell “Black Soil” infused with sweat and blood.


1st taste of swamp

1st taste of swamp

The Black Soil look

The Black Soil look

The young lad on the right became well and truly bogged, my thanks for helping him recover his steed was to get fully roosted by rank swamp mud as he took off. Never mind; 200 meters on he found a hidden hole in the semi flooded swamp and joined the fishes. I felt like roosting him while he was down but resisted the temptation (well there are no rules: are there?). I did however, laugh at him as I rode by and I dodged the stodgy lump of manure like grunge he threw at me!

Further on, the trail blazer, blazed a trail off the main track and ended up over the handlebars! As we arrived at the scene he was picking himself up and pointing at the huge well hidden rock he had clobbered in the long grass. We had a laugh then realised that he had managed to put a reasonable sized hole right through his water pump housing.

Now we were a fair way out from anywhere it was 32 degrees Centigrade with 90% humidity. It was pretty unlikely that we would even get a 4WD into this place.

Well, one guy had a Leatherman and another had some cable ties. So we fashioned a bung from the local fauna with the saw and knife, hammered it into the hole with a smaller rock and secured it cleverly with some cable ties.

Fix that coolant leak

Fix that coolant leak


Yamaha resurrected

Yamaha resurrected

With the help of some scruffy buggers discarded beer can which we used for regular radiator top ups. We made it back to base, all be it about 3 hours later than we had intended.

Well you know what it’s like when you are having fun!!




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