KXF 250 Problems

Weeeeelll, I have not posted for a while as I have been busy with my photography. Over Easter weekend I rebuilt a KXF 250 and had a problem that puzzled me. Check this out, I posted the story on this forum



Yee Haa fixed!

Yee Haa fixed!


Suspension Matters Review

I recently sent my Suspension to Dave @ Suspension Matters in Queensland (See my Links). This is the first time I have invested cash in such a caper and was anxious to check out the result. Despite the longer than anticipated time for the package to return within grasp of my sticky little fingers, I am thoroughly impressed with the product.

Being busy at work held me up from getting it set up properly, but initial feel of the bike, after a brief ride, was that in felt way smoother and more controllable, especially entering a turn. The front did feel a bit too stiff at first but when I bled the air a lot came out, it must have been the fact that it was shipped from a cooler climate to Darwin’s oppressive heat and the temperature increase had built up quite a pressure in the front forks.

Anyway, I played with the clickers some more, and I think I have it fairly well “dialed in”, but the terrain on my own track is fairly smooth so I am hoping to get to the local race track next weekend and set it up there.

My old steed is now a completely different bike to ride, firstly I noticed how the rear glues to the ground on acceleration and just drives forward leaving a fat groove as a calling card.

Also, as the bike no longer ducks and dives under braking into a rough corner entry, it is so much easier to point and shoot. The bike turns in so well, as now the balance is correct, therefore improving the steering geometry.

Now, I am an old sloth of a rider who has a fear of jumps. I can now put it down to having ridden a bike incorrectly set up for so long. With this re-valved and re-sprung suspension, I felt confident (after a couple of jumps to the side) to hit our home track double for the first time. No kicking out side ways, no wallowing unruly landing, just straight positive drive and a landing with a “Pad” sound and no real noticeable landing just a flow back into the terrain and drive away.

I am very happy with the bike now and so look forward to giving it a proper go on some more cut up terrain. For now I am quite excited about how my old bike feels so fun inspiring. I would highly recommend Dave at “Suspension Matters” although I have never payed to have this type of set up before and don’t have others to compare with, I do have good friend who put me onto this business, and I trust his more experienced recommendation.

A leaving thought.

I remember unpacking a KTM 125 SX, the first brand new bike I had ever bought. I jumped on it and rode around for about 3 minutes, I then suddenly had the impulse to line up a 1 meter high ant hill and I just “bunnied” over it. That bike just made you feel like doing it, well now my old YZ250F feels just like that.