Poem No 1 My first Post

Twas a more than an ordinarily tedious day
Time dawdled like a non compliant child,
heels adrag.
Nor dreams forthcoming. No play.
but hey
I took another breath,
this tediousness far upstages
my death.

Poem No 2

Stains on the wall opposite held my attention

conjured up thoughts that entwined and entangled

my minds eye cavorted.

Cerebral hard drive trolled images too lurid to mention.

Hmmm “Waiting Rooms” I heard myself mutter.

Then. Attention! A-ttention!

She wafted past all flowing taffeta, unblemished, eyes spangled

Wow wow wow, a goddess, long flaxen, soft and fair skin, utter perfection.

Swish of nylon and distinctive click stiletto

One hundred percent Attention.

The prevailing scent, jasmine and ylang-ylang with an orange hint

aroused desire, my eyes must glint.

Her delicate slender neck exposed as she turned.

” Do you have to stretch yer bloody lanky legs across the aisle”

words rolled out in a strong Aussie drawl.

“Dick Head” was audible under her breath as she turned with a finger in the air.

Don’t judge, Don’t assume,

Dreaming is OK though

Poem No 3

Hocus pocus                                                                                                    What invokes us?                                                                                               Get yer gander up.

Grind yer gnashers,                                                                                        Punch the air,
Proclaim a righteous plight.

Do your Damnedest,
make it known,
Dig your heels in deep.

You had a notion,
a valid point,
a banner waving Heist.

You battled hard,
you won the day,
changed things with your fight.

Onward, Onward,
Search and seek
Invent a worthy cause.

You’ve lost the reason
joined the rest.
Your harping will not sleep.

Harping Harper’s
out-harp Harper’s
out harp Harper’s out

Whilst we hex and vex
and try to fathom –
what it’s all about?


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