Weekly Writing Challenge:Foreshadow

The news was rife with warning, plan your shelter, stock supplies, be prepared to live without the power we have learnt to rely on. The huge cyclone/typhoon, whatever you like to call it, is on a path wreaking havoc in our direction. The tension builds, what will become of us, our home , our land? The warnings are escalated, and some mild panic ensues as supermarket shelves are denuded of basics like canned food, batteries and packets of crisps, even the Scots-man’s burger outlet is fast selling out food! The eerie wind builds slowly but steadily, the low grey blanket of swift moving cloud sprinkles a spatter of rain. Streets empty, workers head for shelter, a certain air of doom foreshadows the event. The wind relentlessly increases intensity, the power goes out, and as darkness arrives the fear grows in time with the rushing sounds. Those rushing sounds are all there is to concentrate on, no TV, no Facebook! The horrors of this event are spasmodically scattered throughout the community, stories are told of incredible luck, of incredible heartache and loss, The news tellers prosper, infrastructure is harmed, some folk……..(Pause)….carry on!


This storm disaster foreshadows a cleansing that brings newness, the folk who came to live here of late, those who know not the suffering, who know not the excitement of the opposites that can flourish from this calamity have mostly left. They will not witness the cleansing, the fixing spirit, the bloom that the floods create. From this tangled mess a desire to stand up and be counted, a desire to, “live it for real”, is strengthened in those that stay, those that endured the hardships, the anguish and the perils that foreshadow such a great resolve and a strong pioneering spirit. A spirit which becomes a vibrant trait of the true locals, the knowing, who will see ordinary once again creep into the fabric of this place, the cycle of junk and falsity regrown, only to be cleansed again, some time when?. Our world grows ever smaller and these isolated events will one day be true of this entire planet, our turmoil foreshadows a great time to come and will reward the hangers on and the lucky few.




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