TEMCC Club Championships Round 2 Part 1

Here are some of the shots I captured on Sunday (More to follow). These are not full resolution as I downsized the files for faster uploading. There are a few “action Blur” shots which I have kept as I like the arty look of them. I enjoy the action photography that this sport provides. Each shot records a vision that only occurs for that split second. I do not offer photo’s for sale but I am happy to provide a full resolution image file if you ask and provide a memory stick or SD card. Oh did I mention I like beer! You cam message me on Face Book



I have actually recently acquired a large format printer so when set up, I may offer prints but I would need to recoup cost of inks and paper. Anyway Enjoy!! _Y9A6791 _Y9A6795 _Y9A6796 _Y9A6799 _Y9A6800 _Y9A6801 _Y9A6804 _Y9A6805 _Y9A6806 _Y9A6807 _Y9A6809 _Y9A6810 _Y9A6811 _Y9A6812 _Y9A6815 _Y9A6816 _Y9A6817 _Y9A6818 _Y9A6820 _Y9A6821 _Y9A6824 _Y9A6825 _Y9A6827 _Y9A6828 _Y9A6830 _Y9A6831 _Y9A6832 _Y9A6834 _Y9A6835 _Y9A6836 _Y9A6837 _Y9A6838 _Y9A6839 _Y9A6840 _Y9A6841 _Y9A6842 _Y9A6843 _Y9A6844 _Y9A6849 _Y9A6855 _Y9A6856 _Y9A6857 _Y9A6859 _Y9A6860 _Y9A6861 _Y9A6862 _Y9A6863 _Y9A6864 _Y9A6865 _Y9A6866 _Y9A6867 _Y9A6868 _Y9A6870




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