Super Moto Weekend Darwin

Just a few captures from Friday’s practice and qualifying sessions at Hidden Valley.


Bring it on

Bring it on




IMG_4733#1 IMG_4749#1 IMG_4807#1 IMG_4810#1 IMG_4841#1 IMG_4844#1 IMG_4849#1 IMG_4852#1 IMG_4878#1 IMG_4897#1

Mind where you park that thing!

Mind where you park that thing!

Using max travel

Using max travel



4 thoughts on “Super Moto Weekend Darwin

    • Hi Girl. I am feeling a bit down in the dumps. Don’t think I am fully over the chest infection. Our wet season “build up” has kicked in with record temps 40 degrees C with high humidity (Phew). Working too many hours. Went riding with my son after work today. Had fun but my motor is noisy and needs a rebuild. Fitting air-cons in our bedrooms. Been living here 20 years without them! Global warming!! I am seriously worried about what the future has in store for our children.

      Sorry not very positive hey!

      Dave Cook Darwin River NT

      • Oh oh! Sorry to hear about your chest cold. Maybe antibiotic will help? I still have a lingering cough too, I think due to allergy. AC (air conditioners) are glorious and I hope you’ll feel much better! I know. I am indeed worried about what the future holds. We can only teach our kids how to be leaders, survivors and quick thinkers. THey will need it. Hang in there Dave!!

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