Weekly Photo Challenge:Sea

Day three: posts of the sea. I was creeping around in the mangroves on sunset and was intrigued by the shadow lines emitted from the aerial roots of the mangroves. As I said, the sea for me, represents a sense of adventure and diversity. This scene could be of a towering metropolis of interwoven structures in a dark future. The rays appear to come from this structure and provide lighting for the slums spread out far below and radiating into the distance. These impoverished slums are where the outcast’s reside, an unruly underclass who exist beyond the safety and wealth of the metropolis. I got my boots and tripod muddy!

Mangroves at East point Darwin

Mangroves at East point Darwin

But these impoverished beings living in these crumbling minarets are in fact the true people, people with passion and life, unlike the inhabitants hiding in the safe twisted jungle, a sanitized heaven. Up there exists a dog eat dog mentality, wealth is everything. building out and up to the heavens, is  every-ones goal, feeling so secure within their own crazy fragility of man-made-ness and falsity. Below the people feel the earth and revel in the fun that can be had without the worry of chattels.

Good Night!


Casual game of beach volleyball at Mindil Beach

Casual game of beach volleyball at Mindil Beach


One thought on “Weekly Photo Challenge:Sea

  1. You write with such poetry even when you’re not trying. I guess most Brits speak as such. This photo is fascinating and brings wonder to my eyes. You captured the sunlight just right which only creates more mystery to the pods (?) below the tree. It’s almost as if they are at its mercy. Trees with long and low branches are the best. You see tons of them down in Brazil. I would sit and swing my legs from them as I took a break from jumping from one branch to another. Thanks for sharing this lovely picture.

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