Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus & weekly Writing Challenge:Leave ‘Em Wanting More

I have not posted for a few weeks as I have not been feeling too well, but I noticed the challenge is all about “focus”. I also noticed the weekly writing challenge and thought I would combine both in this post, just for a bit of fun.

I love the way selecting “focus” or to be more precise, “depth of field” really distinguishes a great shot from a mediocre one. Photography is really interesting, it requires technical knowledge/understanding, photography also requires an artistic element, an eye for the scene. I may be sticking my neck out here but I believe there are not many hobbies/professions that combine technical and artistic traits or skills, the rigidness and rules of physics  are normally in opposition to the avant-garde freedom of thought philosophy of true artistry. Sure an artistic photographer can learn the technical knowledge to produce some great artistic work and a more technically driven person knows how to set up and assess the situation light-wise and camera-wise and can develop a surrogate artistic eye, but it takes a person naturally possessing both elements to really produce captivating and stunning work. I do not think for one minute that my photography is particularly captivating and stunning with regards to technique and artistry but I still have fun trying to get there. Anyway enough waffle

The first photograph is of a wild bird (a plover) spotted in a Darwin City street, I hoped to capture the splendidness of the bird whilst portraying it’s surroundings, a busy urban street. I selected a wide aperture and  blurred out the workers returning to the construction site after a lunchtime bite to eat. 

The second photograph is a scene where I wanted to show the tree in the foreground and the deep waterfall in the background. This was taken at Florence Falls in Litchfield National Park a few weeks ago. I selected a smaller aperture to create a wider focus range. 

Street walking bird

Street walking bird

The secret spot

The secret spot


13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus & weekly Writing Challenge:Leave ‘Em Wanting More

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  2. All very beautiful! I have a soft spot in my heart for waterfalls. They remind me of my childhood seeing them in the Amazon jungle. Sorry you weren’t feeling we’ll.

      • Thanks young lady. You must have some great memories I grew up in Swindon, England. HA HA a concrete paradise!! of back alleys and bleak early 1970’s shopping mall architecture. The only waterfalls I remember were my mates peeing in the gutter. HA HA. Oh and the continual rain pouring from a broken roofing gutter. But we ventured the urban jungle and learned to dodge traffic playing football in the street.

  3. I don’t know where else to write this or anywhere private, so I chose a random blog post. My mother passed away on Thanksgiving (yesterday). I’m only telling some of my favorite bloggers this, or those who comment the most on my blogs and have established a friendship with me. You can also contact me at cas7401@gmail.com Thank.

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