Weekly photo challenge: Forshadow

The notion of Polyamory appeals to me, the compromises and intricacies of such a vibrant and complex relationship involving three people intrigues me. The below excerpt from Wikipedia describes Polyamory as:

“The skills and attitudes needed to manage polyamorous relationships add challenges that are not often found in the traditional “dating-and-marriage” model of long-term relationships. Polyamory may require a more fluid and flexible approach to love relationship, and yet operate on a complex system of boundaries or rules. Additionally, participants in a polyamorous relationship may not have, nor expect their partners to have, preconceptions as to the duration of the relationship, in contrast to monogamous marriages where a lifelong union is generally the goal. However, polyamorous relationships can and do last many years.”

Wikipedia Polyamory as detailed 4th of August 2013.

I can imagine that a great deal of time would be spent communicating ideals and feelings. It would take three intelligent people who can manage jealousy and anger. 

 Is this a situation that can thrive and work or would it always be doomed to failure?

The photo below Foreshadow’s all misconceived perceptions that such a relationship would be fun!!


Why did I get myself into this

Why did I get myself into this



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