Who would have imagined this?

The chemistry of the mind 

tangles a tumultuous  notion.

A spark of energy, a whim, drew 4 souls 

at different times in different places to conceive 2 beings.

And thus it begins. The chemistry….

emotion is but a chemical reaction, coupled with the beholders perceptions

bringing forth an urge, a decision, an action.

The cerebral pulsations are liken to “The Web”, a vast extension of all this Chemistry… THE ALCHEMIST!

The Alchemist has the ability to hook these 2 beings, at least within the whimsical eyes of him.

She is un-knowing in-yet knowing.

Fatima the Coffee girl splendid in her openness,

Splendid in her self, casts a spell.

Eyes which smolder and glow like volcanic embers, hinting at the belied FIRE within

The Fire that erupts upon contact.

“Too much!”  “Too much! Too much!” He hears her murmur. Well, maybe it is?

But the spell is cast now! Oh Fatima.

This qwerty affair blossoms, no it froths, yes it froths and foams.

The hook twists itself beyond the skin and into the sinew.

Churning the flesh and producing chemicals for the Alchemist to feed upon with glee.

What of he?

Take hold, pursue the urge, lay ones eyes on Fatima. Know her moves, mannerisms, see her guffaw, see her cry, tears welling with sincerity driven by humility.

argue with passion, make up with care.

Don’t Stare! Don’t Stare so! it could happen, it could.

She is un-knowing.

Coffee girl. 

The Alchemist may decide to realise a dream 

or the fleeting moment is lost the hooks falls latently to the ground only to be cast again. 









7 thoughts on “Alchemistry

  1. Thank you. I can’t express my gratitude enough. I’m not sure if you wrote it for me or if the poem reminded you of me, nevertheless, I am so honored. I can’t remember the last time someone said, “I have a poem for you.” 🙂 It’s mighty sweet and kind of you. It cheered me up quite a bit, actually. I’ve been feeling down because my transmission of my car is having problems, two of my gears won’t work and all I can think of is that I might not be able to go up to Canada for vacation now because of the expenses of this transmission. 😦 That’s why it’s sweet you have this poem. You never know when someone is having a bad day and a small action really makes a difference such as today for me. I’m going to reblog this. I hope you don’t mind.

    • HA HA Java girl. This poem was inspired by the fact that we happened upon each other within this alchemical labyrinth of the WWW. I sensed a wisp of connection and imagined that had we met face to face, age to age, in some other world or dimension, that we may have either attracted or repelled as magnets can. The notion of running off to discover the “you” in person was fanciful in my mind. Emotion is a chemical reaction and I came up with the Alchemist. I described you purely on my perceptions from reading your blog . I am also honored that it moved you so!
      I am sorry about your car, I am quite handy mechanically, having grown up in a garage (almost literally) but distance is a bit restrictive in this instance 🙂 Problems with selecting gears could be fairly simple to fix. but transmission internals are more expensive. I like to type the problem into the computer and look up forums, sometimes you can pinpoint the problem. Do you know a good reputable mechanic as finding one can also be a problem. I used to work as a vocational trainer and you can get good advice on local mechanics from the Auto apprentice trainers if you don’t mind fronting up to ask. Good luck

      • Your entire poem is beautiful and I love it. “Take hold, pursue the urge, lay ones eyes on Fatima. Know her moves, mannerisms, see her guffaw, see her cry, tears welling with sincerity driven by humility” captured my attention immediately. For those who have met me could identify with that phrase. My eyes are the windows to my soul and one can easily tell what I’m thinking. However, I do have a very complex mind and not everyone understands. For those who take the time to peel away the many layers of complexities (and I allow you to) will find I am very sensitive to life (in a good way).

        As for my car, I am working on finding a place that is honest and that will let me pay in installments. My car is 10 years old and as my coworker told me the other day, it has run ‘its juice” and that it’s time to say goodbye and hello to a new car. Making quick decisions like that is not me. I have to take the time to analyze the pros and cons, especially with budgeting. It has seen its days. It’s an old car that will see more mechanical fix ups, which means more money out of my pocket. I’m in the midst of buying a house and so this threw me for a loop. I mean, it just temporarily paused me hiring a realtor for now. I have way to much to think about and it’s stressing me out a little. 😛 Hopefully, it will be fixed soon. Australia is the first country as a second grader (down in Brazil) that I always wanted to visit. As a young child, I would do countless reports on it and always get good grades. I even thought about moving there last year and looked into jobs and such. I hear it’s harder for foreigners to stay there. Lol. Unlike here where anyone can cross the border and use our medical insurance for free and get refunds and still be not a bonafide US citizen. LOL

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