Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

Well, this photo was taken on the 3rd December 2012. This storm interrupted the Carols by Candlelight function held each year in Darwin City. (See Link below) http://www.indirectobservations.com/2012/12/christmas-in-australia-means-carols-by.html

A storm like this signifies a tumultuous change. Darwin has two main seasons “Wet” and “Dry”. the build up to the “Wet” can be horrendous, with hot steamy days at 90% Humidity and 35-38 degrees centigrade. But when these clouds build to this power it is a spectacle to behold. Often, the wild windy storm front can rush in fast, causing some damage here and there but most importantly it is cool. OH so beautifully cool!! Then the rain arrives in a crescendo on the corrugated iron roof and the ground steams. This is the most transforming change you can experience, you have to live in it to appreciate the relief, the awe of the power, and the dramatic greening of the land. The “Dry” is just that often 6 months or more with no rain, then the dust bowl and fire blackened Forrest turns on the emerald glow. birds appear, insects appear and the place is vibrant again.

This one storm cloud signified that change. It also changed the plans of many folk looking forward to enjoying a night of festive entertainment.



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