Moto Transporter Trailer stage 4

Roof panel in place

Roof panel in place

Trailer build stage 4003 Trailer build stage 4004Above 2 shots show the wheel guards cut out and ready to be glued in. I love this Composite panel it is so workable. like a cross between wood and metal.

Trailer build stage 4007 Wheel guard support angles ( I used some 20 x 20 x 1.2 aluminium angle). I used adhesive between all parts to reduce corrosion and vibration.Trailer build stage 4010Here is the adhesive sealant gunned on and ready for the guard fitment.

Trailer build stage 4013 Trailer build stage 4014Guards on. I used double sided tape to hold the panels whilst the polyurethane sealant goes off.

Trailer build stage 4015 One of the curved panels fitted up. See the Clicko pins I used to hold the panels in place while I marked out the notch outs etc. I was a bit anxious about curving the Composite panel around the front of the trailer, but it pulled around nicely, nice and snug to the frame work. Pleaser!! Trailer build stage 4016 Trailer build stage 4019Really starting to take shape now. The interior looks quite clinical

Trailer build stage 4021 Cant wait to get the tinted angry eye screens fitted. Definitely starting to see the vision I had from the original drawings. Trailer build stage 4023Nearly there just some wiring and trimming off edges. I will also need to fit some channels for the Moto X bike wheels to lock into I will use these hold down devices Check them out they are a great invention.

The trailer has been a long project and has provided much joviality among my work colleagues, I suppose I did start it in October 2012 and now February 2013 and still not registered yet. I hope to get it registered this week and then finish off some of the trimming later. I will post finished photos. I want to get a sticker made for the rear door and intend using the white inner walls as a photo gallery. The sticker for the rear door will based on this photo.

Leg forward

Leg forward


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