CHARACTERS I’ve known a few!


Two Characters I have encountered.


Such a clown, Jake would leave me crying with laughter. He was a 20+ short trendy lad with long streaked hair spiked on top, he drove a Triumph Spitfire though, the poor lad! His clown antic’s are etched in my mind, like dropping a heavy toolbox lid closed using his foot whilst mimicking rifle shooting with any long object. He would call a loud ‘Pull” and then he would act out sweeping the rifle as if following a clay and when the lid fell with a loud bang he would act out the recoil with great hilarity. Then he would laugh an infectious laugh at his own actions. His tales, like the one of him and his girlfriend playing around with a spray cream aerosol at her parents house and how after they had cleaned up and her Mum came home she pointed at the distinctive whippy ice-cream looking lid of the spray cream container under the sofa, and asked “how did that get there!!” “Um Er”, Ha Ha funny as.


Jake on a road trip was a necessity to break the boredom he could have everyone in stitches of laughter playing around with the most mundane object. He loved his music and had a small tape player permanently affixed to his hip. I remember he touted INXS as going to be a big band before their “Kick” Album tour began and made them famous in England.Like me he loved Pink Floyd and we spent many a laborious day at work swapping great lyrics.

English: 1974 Triumph Spitfire 1500

English: 1974 Triumph Spitfire 1500 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hodgo, a lean but hairy beast always a smile, never rushed, his black beard was the standout feature I spotted him by in a crowded pub. He would saunter to work in the mornings late and as I pulled up in my car to offer a lift (I was invariably also late), Hodgo would nonchalantly wave me on, not a care in the world. He possessed a powerful aura of relaxation, I don’t think I ever saw him flustered. He was a capable tradesman and taught me some tricks on how to handle stainless steel fabrication. He always appeared rock solid even after a few ales at the Digby Tapp public house, where maybe his haughty but smooth laugh was a tad more active. His eyes sparkled and even though his smile lines were hidden by the hair you knew they were a carved in feature. He could tell a fascinating story the embellishments were just enough to maintain credibility whilst creating a great minds eye picture of the predicaments and ironies of life which he loved to extol. A certain group would traditionally play nine card brag at morning tea break, Hodgo was in the thick of it, a few quid on the table and whilst others got hot under the collar and overexcited he would play quietly and beam a quiet smile when things went his way. I would often observe this gambling den and share in his subtle knowing glances and smile with him at the outcome. Our communication was often non spoken.





2 thoughts on “CHARACTERS I’ve known a few!

  1. So glad you put a picture of a spitfire on here cause at first I thought it was a motorcycle 🙂 Just stopping by to see what people are writing about for the Challenge – well done.

    • Why Thank you snosler. Appreiciate the appreciation. what with work and other hobbies I dont get to write anywhere near enough. I used to have unlimited material just flow to me but nowadays I have to think about things a bit more.

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