Out-Harp a Harper but don’t become

Hocus pocus 

What invokes us?

Get yer gander up.


Grind yer gnashers,

Punch the air,

Proclaim a righteous plight.


Do your Damnedest,

make it known,

Dig your heels in deep.


You had a notion, 

a valid point,

a banner waving Heist.


You battled hard,

you won the day,

changed things with your fight.


Onward, Onward,

Search and seek

Invent a worthy cause.


You’ve lost the reason

joined the rest.

Your harping will not sleep.


Harping Harper’s

out-harp Harper’s

out harp Harper’s out


Whilst we hex and vex

 and try to fathom –

what it’s all about?






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