Staging a Rage

Heavy air laden the soul

Drags to depth of dank despair

Curdles thought

Winds tension – TENSE

Relentless stifle 

No recompense.


Horizon’s show flickers

A silent array

Demonic strobe

Heat enormous, solid

No escape, 

Only servitude to this oppressor.

Thor approaches swirling his cape.


Roars  Prevailingly  

Relentless dread

All Powerful 

Yet proven elusive

showing a hand of sleight

Cruel, abusive


Overwhelmed with sweat

Churning with discomfort

Teased by a cooling breeze

the thunderous-ness ceased

Thor quietened?

What quelled that beast?


No recompense

Relentlessly TENSE

Debilitating force of heat

Taunted by the waft

Turgid cloud passes

An unweildly despotic craft



No rain, No cooling


Temptress tempest tease

Wherefore Art thou?

Where is your cooling breeze?

(Dedicated to my wife who is sat under two fans anticipating a cooling tropical storm as the lightening languorously and silently flashes a long way away)


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