Moto Transporter Trailer Fabrication Stage 1

20-10-12. Off to start fabrication of trailer.

Material has arrived from merchants, after a bit of messing around!

After cutting the lengths, I laid them out out to check the actual design sizes compared to drawing. Looking good!

The cold saw cuts produced a great mitre joint. I will grind a bevel on the edges for welding.

Marked out with chalk, so that it is easy to see when Oxy-Acetylene cutting.

Not too bad for a free hand cut!

I set the perimeter frame up square and positioned the spring hangers and tacked them in place.

Notice how I have welded around the toe of the vertical flange of the steel angle. The toe is the biggest stress raiser and a poor weld here will allow a crack to propagate as the trailer will be subjected to dynamic/cyclic loading.

Spring hangers welded completely around with approximately 6.0mm fillet weld

Do not weld across the draw bars where they transition the main frame a weld in this position will create a significant stress riser and could propagate cracking of the weld which could carry through the material.

I cut the Channel connections in for a flush finish. After welding I ground the weld flat so that the floor will sit nicely in the frame.

Axle in, so I can wheel it about.

Base frame together.

I set the floor into the Channel frame in order to keep the floor height lower to make loading the bikes easier.I can also place tie down points on the top flange of the channel. I saved 3 inches (75mm) doing this.

Next stage will be to start on the frame work for the body.


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