Terry Mills; Backwards We Go

I feel compelled to comment here about our local Government. Please take time to watch this “News Item” (I know, it is a very tongue in cheek title for this dross).

On the way home, I just heard an interview on the radio and I am flabbergasted!

Are we in the year 2012 going on 2013 or back in 1950? This absolute wally who says in the video that the “focus is on the wrong thing”, said, in this recent interview, that he aims to correct the drinking problems that blight our local society by increasing penalties and putting more police on the street. There is a very old adage Terry, “Prevention is better than the cure”. In this modern age of intelligent solutions why is this total wally dragging us back into the dark ages. “Let’s just lock everyone up, that’ll fix it.” Abandon a program, which was a step in the right direction, purely to gain a popularity vote and then place pressure on community leaders to have to fight all over again to maintain  a dry environment. How redneck and backwards can a person in such a responsible leadership position be. Again I am flabbergasted, there is no talk of how Government will focus on the ” prevention” just more & more poorly prepared police and tougher sentences. Utter, Utter backwardness. One effective approach is “Quality Education”. I can foresee a new generation of disadvantaged, social welfare dependent individuals that will need locking up as they have been abandoned by this Government. Do not get me wrong here, I am not a believer in aimless handouts or pandering to disadvantaged group cheerleaders who hold the flag of blame high, but hey, let’s be mature and clever about this problem that effects us all, please let us see our money doing some real fix it work. I am no expert on social issues, but I can spot a stupid policy maker a mile off.


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