Graveyard Train reviewed at the Spiegel-tent Darwin Festival

A billing of “Horror Country” caught my eye, “Graveyard Train” were performing in the Spiegel-tent at the Darwin Festival 17 August 2012. I thought to myself this is a must see. The very venue itself is unique, an old colourful temporary structure of canvas glass and wooden carvings. With all the seating removed it probably accommodated 300-400 mad cap Darwin folk, all hell bent on having a stomping good night. For me, this band were the unsung hero’s of the Festival, I did see some other very good acts such as La-Soiree a fantastical cabaret circus show and singers Megan Washington & Kate Miller Heidke. But that stonking hot night in the craziest house I have been in for a while was the tops.

Yes “Graveyard Train” they were stompingly good, every song a driving chorus with a unstoppable rhythm which had that venue pumping with a capital “P”. The lyrics are straight from the hammer house of horror, along with a ships chain deployed as a percussion instrument to help set the scene of foreboding.  The whole floor was a sweating seething mass of Darwinites going off and when Darwinites “go off” they certainly do it with an adept passion. I gained the impression that those guys on stage have never had such a rousing response. They were wilting in the oppressive Darwin heat, all bottled up in that tent, which was certainly not designed for sub tropical mayhem. They stayed on stage through fear of being lynched if they stopped that railroad beat and screaming deep barber shop chorusing, the next act forced to wait backstage wondering what fate had been laid before them. I have not had such an enjoyable night for many a year. If you like the idea of a boozy wild night with a rhythm that pounds and takes over so you just can’t be still. If you want to see a charismatic singer with weird facials that portray the feeling of the song, the darkness, the off the wall-ness, whilst still being such a fun raising experience, do not, I repeat, do not miss these guys. If you do go, be prepared to get down, stomp through the floor and sing until you are hoarse, because if you don’t, you will be all alone, I guarantee it!

Check them out on the Tube, however, I will add here that no video does this band justice as you just have to be there and experience the mayhem. 10 out of 10


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