Moto Bike transporter trailer

I have decided to build a trailer to carry my bike to the track instead of using the Ute(Utility). That way I can keep some gear in it permanently and make it easier to be able to get a ride in, after work during the week. Now that’s got to be good!

So far it is still in design mode. I made a rough sketch and went out and purchased axle., springs, shackles, U bolts, Trailer hitch, electrical plug, compliance plate, reflectors, hubs and bearings. I pinched my son’s spare alloy wheels! So now I need construction materials and lights which I will probably go with LED units.

scribbled ideas

I then measured the spring set up and produced some drawings using draftsight

I am ordering the chassis frame materials tomorrow. At the moment I still deciding on which material to clad the framework with. There is a great aluminium composite board made from thin sheets of aluminium adhered to a plastic core. it comes coloured with a different colour on each side. Sign writers use this material, it is light and flexible. Anyway, that material is high on my choice list at the moment, I just need to work out the best way to fix it to the frame. Initially my idea was to clad the trailer in Clear Anodized Aluminium sheet and fix this to the frame with a good quality polyurethane sealant adhesive using a minimal amount of rivets.

I will continue to post news on this project as construction begins.


One thought on “Moto Bike transporter trailer

  1. They use one of the sikaflex range of adhesive/sealants to attach the panels to the framework on buses….sticks like shit to a blanket

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