A stranger encounter

This came to me whilst driving home, almost word for word. Maybe it’s a reflection on my day at the office!!


 The darkness just evolved, it loomed, it gloomed.

It smothered the sense of wellbeing.

Mood now altered.

The imagination bloomed.

Nerves prepare for fleeing.


Rationale battles these fears, easing the foreboding

Convincing the mind, contravening the senses,

Heckles still raised,

Keep going the comforting mind is goading,

These are no assailants, just fences,


This alley is sweetly scented by day, all roses

And the butterflies chase, garden ornaments abound

Damn this now shadowy chasm

And it’s seemingly withered posies.

Egged forward, egged forward, but heart still a pound


That noise; that shape; it loomed it gloomed

But still the urge to run is quelled.

“You’re crazy; it’s just the dark, that can’t hurt!”

The flash of blade swift.

Who would have thought it, he was tall and smelt well groomed

The pain filled my lung as I silently yelled…


I knew it; I knew IT!


The darkness is now so alight.


Blindingly blindingly bright.


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