Diverse Weekends

The following photographs portray my past three weekends and as it is the Equinox time of the year, I have interspersed the weekend photographs with shots of a morning sunrise through mists formed by 90% tropical humidity, sun setting scenes and Australia’s Top End Flora and Fauna the Theme is colourful.

These scenes were photographed during my daily commute to work. The Northern Territory sure is a great place to live!

Weekend 1 At the Track 609 Leading

Misty morning Due East Equinox

Dusky Pink


Sunset Due West Equinox

Weekend 2 Hyundai Clutch job

Grovelling under the car

Northern Territory September morning

Stunning sunset at the boat ramp

As the humidity builds these great fella’s emerge to make a din inside yer down-pipe.


What R U Looking at!

Weekend 3 Solar tank sprung a leak

Ready for tractor to lower to ground.

The best type of Art. You can’t own it and it ain’t permanent.

Yep, only the rust holding this together. No fix here New one required.



Prehistoric Scene

Cycads NT

Sunrise over Elizabeth River

It’s gonna be another great Territory “build up” day















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