DUI. A possible solution to this social problem.

What a great “reporter’s” story , quirky, humorous topical and extraordinary. It does tick many boxes, but is it socially responsible to portray drunken fools so flippantly? The cost to society of Drivers Under the Influence (DUI) must be phenomenal and no matter how many horror stories are exposed, people still do it. Why? Picture the scenario, this is probably not too difficult to imagine as I expect most readers other than the teetotaler has experienced similar situations; Think of a law abiding citizen, a teenager or retiree out for a lunchtime meal or evening soiree, maybe the office worker who has one or two drinks and feels “OK to drive”, their peers egging them on to have a few more. Couple this with the knowledge of the fact that the very consumption of alcohol reduces the ability to think clearly, of course people take the risk, albeit calculated through a semi hazed logic. We must also consider the hardened alcoholic repeat offenders, with no regard for other humans or animals, the serious offenders who are lumped into the same category as the majority of drunken misadventure’s and made fun of in media reports like the one above, watering down the severity of their acts.

Imagine now that you are influential in car manufacturing and you decide to apply some value added feature to all your new models, not a gimmick like reversing cameras, or auto parking but a device to really improve society and forge a way forward for other manufactures to follow, a device to excite your ethical investors, maybe even influence legislation. Such devices are already available; Yes, the alcohol-meter ignition system or Ignition Interlock Device (IID).

Now let’s return to the scenario; The law abiding citizen who has had a few too many, in order to drive home has to get their car to accept that they are sober.

  • Yes, a friend can blow it for you but how many “friends” are really going to do that? Possibly only a drunken one!
  • Yes, you can pre-fill a balloon, but such an act proves pre-meditation and must attract conviction along the grounds of willful endangerment.

Surely such a device, properly fitted as “standard feature” and calibrated regularly will significantly lower the incidents of DUI in the news and allow focus on repeat offenders who, no doubt, will cheat the device to drive. These offenders can be singled out and dealt with appropriately, because, let us face it, they are endangering the lives of you and me, our loved ones, our children, our pets and our property.

Safety in the workplace carries stiff penalties, commuting there and back is a crucial aspect of our work too!

Thank you for reading. I would like to think I have inspired a notion. I would like to think  you are influential in a car manufacturing design capacity.



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