Mystery Object

Firstly I present an object which, as you can imagine by it’s demeanor, has many a story to tell and I ask you, what is this ancient looking iron-age artifact?

It is most probably this objects’ very appearance that has protected it from succumbing to light fingered abduction over the years!

Ol’ Dependable

My father once owned this object, I have no knowledge of how he came by it, maybe he managed to abduct it, maybe it cost him a few shillings, maybe he won it playing cards!    It has been employed both within and outside of its scope of design. It is sometimes used as a hammer, sometimes a podger or a prop for an extremely wobbly chair. Once it was nearly classed a weapon of mass destruction when, whilst chucking a temper tantrum at around 12 years old in the early ’70’s, I smashed our kitchen window with it.  It has been a partner in crime when used by my father to repair his boss’ Rudge Whitworth motorcycle that he and a friend borrowed to go pheasant poaching.

Mostly this sorry looking lump of reworked ore lies dormant in the bottom of a toolbox along with bent washers and valve caps; its skill in the art of camouflage proceeds its call of duty to rouse the emotion called frustration. Once entrapped and in ones grubby hands it continues to create frustration; those of you have used one of these will understand its devious plan to enrage. But when you do master its intricacies and cut a nice bed for it to live in from the foam in the top of your toolbox tray, this is such a valuable tool when it comes to removing links from your chain, a purpose for which, I might add, it was solely devised. This particular example of a Chain Link Breaker carries many memories of my father and my older brothers’ whose scrambling days saw this tool encrusted in mud as it frantically removed links from a stretched chain between races, in England. It also brings me memories of my son’s junior racing days in the Australian dust. Yes, this tool is well travelled, well used and has character well beyond its years.

Maybe I should have it ‘blinged’ up with a coat of gold,… hmm,… ‘No’, it belongs in a toolbox awaiting deployment! Who knows it may inherit the earth someday, one certainty is that eventually it will return there, a quiet observer of motorcycle life and the characters that live it.


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